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GOODSENSE is the leading and professional supplier of forklift trucks in China The company began production of forklift in 2006 from 1 48ton Nowadays GOODSENSE has grown up as a large scaled enterprise manufacturing a comprehensive range of material handling equipments including 1 48ton I C forklift 1 12ton Electric forklift side loader forklift towing tractor and other warehouse equipment The company equipments include laser cutting machine CNC plasma cutting machine NC flame cutting machine welding robots sand blasting line stoving vanish painting line PRC testing line etc So far GOODSENSE annual output of forklift trucks over 15000 units The company is ISO9001 2000 certified and SGS...

Categories and Products

G-series Diesel Forklift

1.0-1.8Ton Diesel Forklift

1.0 Ton Mini Diesel Forklift Truck 1.5 Ton Diesel Forklift With Xinchai Engine 1.8 Ton Forklift With European Ⅲ Standard 

2.0-2.5Ton Diesel Forklift

2.0 Ton Diesel Forklift Truck with Imported Engine 2.5 Ton Diesel Hydraulic Internal Combustion Forklift 

3.0-3.5Ton Diesel Forklift

3.0 Ton Counterbalanced Diesel Forklift Truck 3.5 Ton Internal Combustion Forklift Truck Diesel Forklift With Overhead Block Clamp 3 ton new type diesel forklift 

4.0-5.0Ton Diesel Forklift

4.0 Ton Big Forklift with Small Volume 4.5 Ton Diesel Forklift With Quality Spare parts Small 5.0 Ton Strong Power Diesel Forklift 5 Ton Forklift With Front Double Tyre Forklift With Tool Box 

5.0-8.0Ton Diesel Forklift

Big 5.0 Ton Diesel High Exhaust Forklift 6.0 Ton Big Ton Diesel Counterbalanced Forklift 7.0 Ton Forklift with Mitsubishi Engine 8.0 Ton Counterbalanced Forklift with Different Color 7 Ton Forklift Truck With Tool Box 5.0 Ton Diesel Forklift With Cabin 

10.0-12.0Ton Diesel Forklift

10.0 Ton Diesel Forklift For Storage Yard 12.0 Ton Diesel Forklift With Cummins Engine 10.0 Ton Stone Forklift With Tipping Bin 10 Ton Forklift With 8 Meters Mast 

14.0-16.0Ton Diesel Forklift

14.0 Ton Internal Combustion Diesel Forklift 15.0 Ton Forklift With Okamura Transmission 16.0 Ton Forklift With Japan Imported Engine 

25.0-33.0Ton Diesel Forklift

25.0 Ton Huge Diesel Forklift for Port 28.0 Ton Diesel Forklift Truck With Air Conditioner 30.0 Ton Diesel Forklift With Attachment 33.0 Ton Diesel Forklift With Cabin Big Ton Forklift With Special Color 30.0 Ton Quality Forklift For Storage Yard 

42.0-48.0Ton Diesel Forklift

42.0 Ton Big Diesel Internal Combustion Forklift 45.0 Ton Diesel Forklift with Volvo Engine 48.0 Ton Biggest Diesel Hydraulic Forklift 

T-series Diesel Forklift

3.0 Ton Special Design Diesel Forklift 3.5 Ton Benefits Diesel Counterbalanced Forklift 3.8 Ton Forklift With High Cost Performance 4.0 Ton Diesel Forklift With Comfortable Seat 3.0 Ton TCF Different Color Diesel Forklift 

G-series LPG&Gasoline Forklift

1.0-1.8Ton LPG&Gasoline Forklift

1.0 Ton LPG&Gasoline Forklift Truck 1.5 Ton LPG&Gasoline Clean Fuel Forklift 1.8 Ton LPG&Gasoline Forklift With Nissan Engine 

2.0-2.5Ton LPG&Gasoline Forklift

2.0 Ton LPG&Gasoline Forklift With PSI Engine 2.5 Ton LPG&Gasoline Dual Fuel Environmental Forklift 

3.0-3.5Ton LPG&Gasoline Forklift

3.0 Ton LPG&Gasoline Environmental Forklift 3.5 Ton LPG&Gasoline High Cost Performance Forklift 

5.0-7.0Ton LPG&Gasoline Forklift

5.0 Ton Big Ton LPG&Gasoline Forklift 6.0 Ton LPG&Gasoline Forklift With High Exhaust 7.0 Ton LPG&Gasoline Forklift With Double Air Filter 

4-Wheel Electric Forklift

1.0-1.8Ton Electric Forklift

1.0 Ton 4-Wheel Electric Forklift 1.5 Ton AC Electric Forklift With Import Controller 1.8 Ton Electric Forklift With Powerful AC 1.8 Ton Light Yellow Electric Forklift 

2.0-2.5Ton Electric Forklift

2.0 Ton Electric Forklift With Italy Battery 2.5 Ton Electric Forklift With Hoppecke Battery Electric Forklift With Front Double Tyre 2.5 Ton GOODSENSE Brand Electric Forklift 

3.0-3.5Ton Electric Forklift

3.0 Ton Quality Electric Forklift With Chinese Battery 3.5 Ton Semi-AC Electric Battery Forklift Truck 

4.5-6.0Ton Electric Forklift

4.5 Ton Forklift With Side Out Battery 5.0 Ton Electric Forklift With Zapi Controller 6.0 Ton Electric Forklift With Cascade Attachment 

8.0-12.0Ton Electric Forklift

8.0 Ton Electric Forklift With Schabmueller Motor 10.0 Ton Huge Electric Forklift With Cabin 12.0 Ton Biggest Electric Forklift Truck 8 Ton Electric Forklift With Long Forks 

3-wheel Electric Forklift

1.6 Ton 3-Wheel Electric Forklift Truck 1.8 Ton Dual Front Wheel Drive Electric Forklift 2.0 Ton 3-Wheel Compact Electric Forklift Truck 

Aircraft Equipment

Towing Tractor

Towing Tractor for Light Weight Electric Towing Tractor With Air Conditon 

Electric Baggage Tractor

Small Ton Electric Baggage Tractor With Cabin 

Aircraft Tow Tractor

Big Diesel Aircraft Tow Tractor For Airport 

Electric Aircraft Tow Tractor

Electric Aircraft Tow Tractor With Clean Power 

Passenger Stair

Electric Power Passenger Stair Truck for Airport 

Self-propelled Conveyor Belt Loader

Self-propelled Conveyor Belt Loader 

Cleaning Machine

Hand-Push Sweeper

Hand-Push Sweeper for Clean 

Hand-Push Electric Sweeper

Pedestrian Hand-Push Electric Sweeper 

Electric Washing Machine

Pedestrian Electric Washing Machine 

Ride On Sweeper

Seated Electric Ride On Sweeper 

High Pressure Road Washing Vehicle

High Pressure Road Washing Vehicle 

Electric Vehicle

Electric Tour Bus With Cabin 

Warehouse Equipment

Electric Pallet Truck

Electric Pallet Truck for Warehouse 

Electric Stacker

Powerful Electric Stacker With Different Model Mast 

Special Vehicle

3.0-3.5Ton Rough Terrain Forklift

3.0 Ton Off-road Rough Terrain Forklift 3.5 Ton Rough Terrain Forklift for Muddy Road 3.0 Ton 4-Wheel Drive Rough Terrain Forklift 

3.0-12.0Ton Diesel Side Loader Forklift

3.0-12.0 Ton Diesel Side Loader Forklift 

3.0Ton Electric Side Loader Forklift

3.0 Ton Electric Side Loader Forklift Different Color Electric Side Forklift Green Blue Electric Side Loader Forklift 

Explosion Protected Diesel Forklift

Explosion Protected Diesel Forklift 

Explosion Protected Electric Forklift

Explosion Protected Electric Forklift 

Cushion Tire LPG&Gasoline Forklift

2.0 Ton Cushion Tire LPG&Gasoline Forklift 2.5 Ton Cushion Tire Dual Fuel Forklift 2.0 Ton Cushion Tire Forklift With Quadruple Mast 

Cushion Tire Diesel Forklift

2.5 Ton Cushion Tire Diesel Forklift 



Sideshifters Attachment For Forklift 

Paper Roll Clamps

Paper Roll Clamps Attachment For Forklift 

Others Attachment

Different Kinds Forklift Attachment 

Spare Parts

GOODSENSE Quality Forklift Parts 

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