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GOODSENSE---High-Tech Enterprise


Recently, GOODSENSE forklift is rated as the national "High-Tech Enterprise" again. The certification was issued by the Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang province,the State Tax Bureau of Zhejiang province and Local Taxation Bureau of Zhejiang province.This certification is valid for three years.

GOODSENSE forklift get honor in 2010 for the first time and reviewed by 2013.This honor is a nod to the company for many years of continuous innovation and development, is of great significance to the company's future development.

According to the national relevant preferential tax policies for high-tech enterprises, high-tech enterprise's income tax can reduce the tax rate to 15%.GOODSENSE forklift is currently in rapid development stage, with the aid of the preferential tax policy, the company can increase the investment in research and development, reserve more technical force, and be more activity in technological innovation.

High-Tech Enterprise

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